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Friendly team championship
En este torneo se aplican, además de las bases generales de los torneos de Ajedrezmail, las siguientes particularidades.

General characteristics

1.- Opened to all the players who are playing or have finished at least one game in Mail Chess. The inscription will be made online and in individual form. The conformation of the equipment, therefore, it will be made after the closing of inscription of players.

2.- the match will gamble in the modality all (equipment) against all (equipment)
- American system -, with confrontations to double round in each board and a single final zone.

3.- the equipment that adds/sinks more points in the individual confrontations will be the winner of the match. The amount of the participant equipment will depend on the total number of new recruits to the match, with a maximum top of 15 equipment. The equipment will be constituted by six (6) integral holders. It implies a maximum total of 90 participant players for this match. Exceeded such number, who register they will form the Reserve for possible replacements in the equipment.

4.- the order of boards of each equipment, of 1º to 6º, it will be governed by the ranking of each participant to the date of beginning of the match.

5.- Each equipment will count between its rows with a CAPTAIN, that he will be in addition player to the equipment. The captain position will define by car postulation, prior to the formation of the equipment and simultaneously with the inscription of players.

6.- they will only be able to participate those that in the moment for publishing the match in the forum, occupy a place in the ranking. It will not be admitted, therefore, the inscription of players entered Mail Chess after the publication of the present regulation.

7.- the times and modality of game, they will be such that in the continuous match. Each gained game will be computed with 1 point in favor of the equipment, the tables with average point and the defeat with zero. All the played games will compute in addition for the continuous match to Mail Chess. In this case, the victory (1) a point, defeat -1, tie zero.

8.- Each player will have up to eight days to respond the play of his adversary. In the case that does not fulfill such requisite will occur him by lost the game.

9.- the players will be able to register only once and with only nick. Who register more of once - double nick -, once discovered the irregularity they will lose all its games, without right to reclamation, with the consequent damage for themselves and the equipment that they integrate.

10.- a player could be replaced of the equipment if he does not begin any of his games, and as long as reserve players exist new recruits to the match. Therefore, if when registering in last term there are players who do not get to constitute equipment, before the desertion of some member, it could be chosen by the retired player, respecting the rank of ranking of this player (To see "final Conformation of the equipment"). This system of replacements will be able to become a single time by equipment in the course of all the contest.

11.- In case of tie in the positions between two equipment or more, one will break the deadlock by Sonnenborg-Berger system. If the tie persists will be considered in the first place to the result between both equipment and to persist the equality to the equipment with less ranking average before beginning the match.

Inscription of players and captains. Final conformation of the equipment.

12.- When registering online, each participant will have the possibility of making it as player and will have in addition the option to postulate itself like captain. The maximum number of postulations to the captainship of equipment will be of fifteen.

13.- Each player new recruit will happen to form part of a listing or "stock market of players" ordered by ranking in the site. The postulates to equipment captain will appear, in addition, in a listing of future captains, that it will be ordered according to the moment of the inscription from the one to the fifteen. Depending on the final amount of equipment they will have the members of this list the possibility of participating like captains, with priority according to the position (ranking) in the continuous match at the time of closing the inscription of the match.

14.- Once finalized the inscription of players and captains and determined also the amount of equipment and captains who will participate, it will be divided to the totality of the players in 3 bags of players according to the ranking. In first it will be located to the first third of players with greater ranking, in the second a the second third according to the same criterion, and also with the third a the remaining third.

15.- Consequently, those players, that being new recruit by on the maximum number of participants, form the Reserve of the match for replacements, they will be located like substitutes in its respective "stock market" according to the ranking, being able to replace retired players of its same rank of points.

16.- to guarantee certain parity in the conformation of the equipment, each captain will choose the players who will accompany it, following the following rules:

A.- To It will be able to choose to two players of each one of the "bags".

B.- Se will consider automatically to chosen itself, reason why in stock-market in which he himself only is a player will be able to choose more.

C.- the Election players by the captains will take place in the forum of Mail Chess, in a denominated section "MATCH FRIENDSHIP: ELECTION OF PLAYERS ".

D.- Each player could be chosen by a single captain. to take place cases of double election it will have priority that his teammate has chosen previously, unless an agreement exists, between both captains, that the opposite marks. In the case that a player does not wish to accept a postulation to play in certain equipment, it will have the possibility of stopping through the same space in forum. Negative happiness can be exerted a single time and as long as there are still other players without choosing in his same "stock market".
And As choose itself the players in the forum will be published in Mail Chess the conformation of the equipment, until completing the totality of such.
Names of the equipment

17.- the name of each equipment will be chosen by the players of the same one, in the scope of the forum or by communication via mail, and informed to the administrator by each captain.

18.- In case of not putting itself in agreement within the equipment with respect to the name, the captain will have the attribution to define it.

19.- names will not be admitted that attack integrity of the people or lack the respect to the fellow in no sense. By the same, the organization of the match reserves the right to reject a name to consider it offensive or little respectful.
Final considerations

20.- All the games of the match will be published online in the site Mail Chess.

21.- the members of the winning equipment will become creditors to a virtual glass.

22.- the player who more points adds/sinks in each one of boards will make creditor to a virtual medal.

23.- Date of inscription closing: 14/03/2006

24.- Date of beginning of the match: 16/03/2006

25.- to play!

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